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Inside Job Coffee

A coffee company that helps to provide farmers with financial stability.

Inside Job Coffee's mission is to actively contribute to the social and financial development of their coffee producers. 44% of farmers live under the poverty line. By supporting coffee farmers, through paying a fair price for their coffee and providing them with the right tools to help them reach financial independence, Inside Job Coffee puts their farmers' livelihoods first.

Inside Job Coffee run educational programmes for farmers in Mexico, Honduras and Peru, diverting all of their profits from coffee sales back into their core mission.

Meet The Founder

I love my morning coffee. In fact, coffee is my passion. I’ve been in the coffee industry for over 10 years, starting as a Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Trainer and moving to work as Head of Coffee for multiple renowned companies.

And, as I fell in love with coffee, I found myself wanting to know absolutely everything about where my where it came from. As I did my research into the supply chain, I found out about the coffee crisis and the producers’ struggles.

Did you know that coffee is one of the most lucrative agricultural businesses in the world? An incredible 125 million people depend on coffee for their livelihoods; 60% of the world’s coffee comes from 25 million small producers (producers with less than 3 hectares of land). Sadly, 44% of them live under the poverty line and 22% of these live in extreme poverty.

These producers work hard to farm the land, don’t take holidays, have no health insurance and are often forced to make hard decisions such as choosing between paying for a doctor or buying fertiliser.

But how is this possible when the coffee industry is so lucrative? It’s because these producers are paid unfair, low prices for their coffee beans. And also because they may have had little formal education and don’t fully understand the business and economics of running their farms.

Knowing all of this, I decided to create Inside Job Coffee, a social enterprise specialised in supporting small coffee producers. Our aim is to provide education and social programmes to improve the lives of these producers. Currently we are running our programmes in Mexico, Honduras and Peru. By buying our coffee you are helping us to improve the lives of these producers. All of our profits go directly into the programmes that we have set up.

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