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Sewn supports the ongoing recovery, independence and freedom for survivors of human trafficking in Northern Ireland.

Sewn believe every individual deserves a future that is bright and filled with hope, dignity and creativity. Sewn's up-skilling programme 'Sew and Skill' is a creative outlet for individuals who are facing barriers to employment and have been affected by human trafficking.

Meet The Founder

Elizabeth and Jill formed the charity Flourish after identifying a gap in long term support provision for survivors of modern slavery. At the centre of what Flourish believes is that every survivor deserves long term tailored and sustainable support to be able to move on to lead a safe, independent, resilient life.

Survivors face many barriers from being able to move on with their lives. One barrier that was recognised was employability and skills-based training.

Sewn is a business enterprise of the charity Flourish and provides opportunities to learn new skills and become part of a creative community. Sewn is managed by a great team who are passionate about the freedom of those who the charity supports.

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