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Tea in the moment

Specialty cocao tea reducing food waste
What is cacao tea? Cacao shells are the outer shells of the cacao bean, which, when brewed as a loose leaf style tea, have a subtle taste reminiscent of dark chocolate. *99.5% caffeine-free. Cacao shells contain Theobromine, a natural 'feel-good' stimulant. What are cacao shells? During the chocolate making process, cacao beans are harvested, fermented and dried before being roasted. The beans are then cracked in a winnower to separate the cacao nibs from the shells; the nibs go on to make chocolate, and the shells are usually discarded as an organic by-product. What is the origin of cacao tea? Cacao husks have been used to brew cacao tea for thousands of years, starting with the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilisations. The word “chocolate” stems from the Nahuatl words chocolatl, which when translated literally means 'hot water', and cacahuatl - 'bitter water'. How do you make cacao tea? You prepare cacao tea in the same way you would brew any loose leaf tea. If you're not a tea fanatic and are new to loose leaf tea don't be put off, it's actually super simple. It's the same as making a 'normal' cup of tea, but with the addition of an infuser. Just follow these 4 easy steps : Add 3 teaspoons of cacao tea into your infuser Place the infuser into your mug or teapot Fill with freshly boiled water Leave to brew for 5-7 minutes (or longer if you'd like a stronger, chocolatey taste!)

Meet The Founder

My name is Jess and I’m the founder of Tea in the Moment.

They often say people create the things they need the most. The name Tea in the Moment represents the reminder I needed. To slow down, take a breath and bring myself back to the present.

Where sitting down with a meditation app always seemed quite daunting, a tea break at work provided the perfect opportunity for a mindful moment away from my desk that I so desperately needed, but often neglected.

This of course is not a new or novel idea, with tea meditation and ceremonies forming the basis of many ancient cultures for thousands of years. I wondered, however, if I could introduce it in a new way that would resonate with the twenty-somethings of this world, and share the comfort and peace this simple practice brought me to whomever else might need it.

With so many big, established tea brands out there, my first task was to create a tea that was slightly different or unique in some way. To me it seemed like the same brands had been sat on the shelves for as long as I could remember, marketed towards the same generation, with the same packaging that they had always had.
But I knew people my age were willing to, and wanted to try new things and new flavours, especially if it provided a healthy, plant-based alternative to an existing staple. I looked towards my two favourite things, chocolate and tea, and started wondering if there was a way to combine them for the ultimate comforting combination of deliciousness!

Of course hot chocolate drinks and dessert-flavoured teas already existed, but I was looking for something that was uncomplicated, filled with ingredients that I understood and that wouldn’t leave me with an anxiety-inducing sugar or caffeine crash…

…And so I got to work experimenting. Hand blending just one or two natural, raw ingredients on my kitchen table, until I got the balance just right – to the nearest 0.01g. Little did I know that creating the tea infusions was the fun part, and the hard work was yet to come!

After unexpectedly losing my job, and with nothing but my last months pay check (literally – my parents kindly let me move back in with them), I had to learn the ropes very quickly, which is why everything you see, from the little hand drawn logo, to the packaging design and barcodes, was created through a lotttt of trial and error, and numerous failed attempts!

So that’s who we are, or rather I am.

I hope Tea in the Moment can provide you with a little moment of peace in your no doubt busy day, and if it can serve as the gentle reminder that you need to take a pause, then mission accomplished.

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