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Tea in the moment
Tea in the moment

Tea in the moment

Specialty loose leaf cacao tea reducing food waste.

Slow down and find a moment of peace with a cup of Tea in the Moment. These loose leaf teas are sustainably made using leftovers from the chocolate-making process. 

For every tonne of dry cocoa bean that’s produced for chocolate, a hefty 10-tonne pile of shells ends up as waste. But there’s still lots of flavour and goodness to be found in these shells.

Tea in the Moment turns the husks into tea leaves, a practice that dates back to ancient Mayan and Aztec times. Once brewed, you’re left with a drink that tastes similar to a piece of quality dark chocolate. 

Unlike other hot drinks, Tea in the Moment’s range is free from caffeine as well as sugar. So you can enjoy a pre-bedtime cuppa without worrying about it disturbing your sleep routine. 

Cacao also has some pretty impressive health benefits. The teas contain Theobromine, a natural 'feel-good' stimulant. There are also lots of antioxidants in every cup, reducing tiredness and improving heart and skin health. And it’s a great source of magnesium, potassium and fibre too. 

Tea in the Moment small-batches their blends and doesn’t use tea bags, to keep things as green as can be and your brew free from microplastics. Packaging is made from wood pulp and sustainably sourced cardboard. 

Drink the Original Cacao Tea hot, cold or iced; black or with a splash of your milk of choice. Or try one of the five flavour blends, all made using organic, whole ingredients. 

New to loose leaf tea? Don’t let that put you off. It’s the same as making a “normal” cup of tea but with the addition of an infuser. Simple.

Meet The Founder

After unexpectedly losing her job, Jessica Nester decided to create a brand inspired by her love of tea breaks as a mindful moment to herself. 

She wanted to share the comfort and peace the practice brought to her day with fellow twenty-somethings. That meant coming up with a product and brand that appealed to them, unlike other teas on the market.

Enter Tea in the Moment. By hand blending just one or two natural ingredients, Jessica developed the perfect healthy, food waste-fighting alternative to regular tea and hot chocolate drinks.

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