House of St Barnabus

Social Supermarket

House of St Barnabas are the first not-for-profit members’ club run to support homeless people in London into work. They are seeking to redefine the notion of a members’ club, to challenge stereotypes around the idea of exclusivity and to create a different kind of membership. The DNA of the club is energetic, inviting and fuelled by culture, with an eclectic mix of heritage, contemporary art and quite possibly the best soundtrack you’ll ever hear.

All money raised through member fees supports the running of their Employment Academy, making it a symbiotic relationship. They have been running our Employment Preparation Programmes (EPP) since November 2013.

1 Greek Street,
Soho Square
London W1D 4NQ

Monday – Friday 8am – 1am

Saturday 12pm – 1am
Sunday Closed

To find out more, please click here