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Abbie - Bubbles

£25.00 - £35.00

About the Artist

Brighten up your walls while helping the lives of people with learning disabilities and Autism.

Abbie loves to paint and particularly relishes the opportunity to learn new ways of applying paint and hone her skills. Her positivity and enthusiasm illuminate workshops, as she throws herself into her artwork with dedication and creative vision.



  • Unframed
  • Printed on Somerset Satin Enhanced Paper 

About Artbox

Artbox was set up in 2011 to provide much needed opportunities for people with learning disabilities to access the arts and be included in their local community.

Artbox run art workshops in Islington, go on trips to museums and galleries in Central London and provide exhibition and sales opportunities so that each of the artists can exhibit, sell and earn an income from their work. 

They’re a registered charity and social enterprise. This means that all of their profits go back to supporting people with learning disabilities with 50% of the profits from print sales are returned to the artists and the remaining 50% helps Artbox to fund their workshops for adults with learning disabilities.

Browse beautiful prints and fun, unique cards designed at Artbox London, a social enterprise showcasing and nurturing art by people with learning disabilities. 

Artbox London is part gallery where art is exhibited and sold, part studio where artists take part in workshops to hone their techniques. All together it’s a space opening up the arts to people with learning disabilities, helping them gain financial independence and inviting them into a welcoming community. 

There are also opportunities for artists outside of Artbox London HQ through trips to cultural spaces in London, such as galleries, museums and libraries. These trips are a chance for the artists to get inspiration, spend time in each other’s company and in some cases, build the confidence to visit these places on their own. 

Half of the money from every sale goes to the artist behind that piece of work, with the other half funding the workshops and trips they run.  

So, choose a piece of art from Artbox London and it will be a talking point for both its great design and brilliant backstory.