Air Dried Apple Crisps (15 x 22g)


Delicious fruit and veg crisps made from unwanted produce. 

These award-winning Apple Crisps are air-dried, never fried, and made with fresh, wonderfully wonky produce – and are now crunchier than ever before.

These delicious Apples are beautifully fresh, but with the odd blemish they just won’t win a beauty contest. But it’s what inside that counts right? Absolutely nothing added. 100% fruit, that’s it.

Expect all the fruity goodness of a naturally sweet and zesty apple with a satisfying crunch



Seriously ap-peeling for anytime healthy snacking, indulgent dipping or adding crunch to salads, cereals and lunch boxes.

Includes 15 x 22g bags.

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About Spare Snacks

Meet Ben, founder of Spare Snacks. Sparing food is in his DNA.

Growing up, his mum refused to waste any fruit or veg. Sometimes they lasted so long they had their own personality and pension plan by the time it came to eat them.

Fruit picking in his teens, he was shocked to discover just how much fruit and veg goes to waste. He decided to do something about it. He visited his local market and started saving unwanted produce. With an old dehydrator, he made snacks and sold them through local cafes, Spare Snacks was born.

They’ve come a long way since then and he’s proud that Spare Snacks now make the most delicious, thoughtfully produced fruit and veg crisps around.

They may have been wonky once but they’re pear-fect now. Waste not, want lots.


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