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Cocoa Social Enterprise CIC

Beetroot Chocolate, 3 Pack


90% dark chocolate bar sweetened with beetroot and topped with goji berries.

Cocoa Social Enterprise CIC make bean-to-bar chocolate that supports cocoa farmers and their families.




All chocolate is handmade, fresh and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It’s sweetened with dried fruit.

Each bar is approximately 80grams in weight. The weight of chocolates may vary a little.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Cocoa beans, cocoa butter, beetroot, goji berries and  dried fruits

All chocolates are made in a certified kitchen where nuts, dairy and gluten are handled. Please check the label before consuming.

Enjoy a true taste of the very best of fresh chocolate. Ensure to keep your chocolates in a dry cool area.

Cocoa Social Enterprise CIC, the producer of Oyin's Chocolate, is a registered community interest company. The company buys most of its cocoa beans directly from farmers in Nigeria, Ecuador and Peru, at a premium fair price, whilst supporting the farmers' children in their education.