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Blackberry & Lavender Cordial
Blackberry & Lavender Cordial
Blackberry & Lavender Cordial
Blackberry & Lavender Cordial

Blackberry & Lavender Cordial


Patricia’s mellow lavender provides a delicate touch towards the end of this cordial and pairs with lively blackberry perfectly.

Urban Cordial’s 500ml bottles are great for sharing and make between 10 to 15 drinks. They are best served as a sophisticated soft drink with sparkling water, or as a mixer for the perfect cocktail.

All of Urban Cordial’s drinks are low in sugar and made from lumpy and bumpy fruit. Each bottle of Patricia helps to save around 30 blackberries!


Preparation: 1 part cordial – 9 parts water

Additives: No preservatives, flavourings or anything artificial

Origin: Made in the United Kingdom

Storage: Once open, refrigerate for 4 weeks

Delivery: Free delivery on orders over £30 + free cocktail recipe card.

Ingredients: Blackberries (58%), water, British sugar beet, lavender, l-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), citric acid.

Enjoy the fruity all-natural flavours in Urban Cordial’s low-sugar and food waste-fighting range. 

Spurred on by the fact that over a third of global food doesn’t reach our plates, Urban Cordial saves lumpy or bumpy fruit (aka fruit that’s imperfect in looks but perfectly edible) from British farms to use in their high-quality cordial recipes. 

This approach is good for the planet, but also for farmers, who are under increasing pressure to produce more for less. 

The range is produced in small batches, going from farm to bottle in 24 hours. Any leftover fruit pulp goes to local farms for animal feed, meaning it’s a zero-waste process too. 

With very little sugar used, Urban Cordial offers a healthier alternative to fellow cordials and squashes, while also keeping flavours rich, ripe and real.

As well as a refreshing soft drink, the cordials make the perfect cocktail mixer. That’s why you’ll find them matched in sets with Sapling Spirits, creators of the world’s first climate positive vodka. The perfect planet-friendly drinks pairing.