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Tea in the moment

Calming Collection Tea Gift Box


If there ever was a time to treat yourself, this would be it. Stock up on your favourite blends or send to a loved one to enjoy within the comfort of their own home. 

Cacao “chocolate” tea is a unique gift you can be almost certain they won’t have received before.  This beautifully crafted gift box is all tied up with a grosgrain bow and a custom arrangement of dried winter flora, ready to be delivered directly to their door.

They believe gifting is about you, not them, which is why they have left their gift box unbranded, so you can re-gift or use as a keepsake box for your personal treasures. 

Includes: 4 teas of your choice, 1 infuser & 1 teaspoon.


Have a gift message you’d like to add? Simply enter it at check out and they’ll include it on a special handwritten post card – for a personal touch, virtually.

What is cacao tea?

Made from the outer shells of the cacao bean and blended with natural, organic ingredients – for a healthy, plant-based alternative to traditional hot chocolate drinks, teas and coffees. Each sip is like enjoying a piece of your favourite quality dark chocolate. 


Totally vegan, with no sugar or caffeine you can be rest assured that our tea can be enjoyed by all. 


What is cacao tea? Cacao shells are the outer shells of the cacao bean, which, when brewed as a loose leaf style tea, have a subtle taste reminiscent of dark chocolate. *99.5% caffeine-free. Cacao shells contain Theobromine, a natural 'feel-good' stimulant. What are cacao shells? During the chocolate making process, cacao beans are harvested, fermented and dried before being roasted. The beans are then cracked in a winnower to separate the cacao nibs from the shells; the nibs go on to make chocolate, and the shells are usually discarded as an organic by-product. What is the origin of cacao tea? Cacao husks have been used to brew cacao tea for thousands of years, starting with the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilisations. The word “chocolate” stems from the Nahuatl words chocolatl, which when translated literally means 'hot water', and cacahuatl - 'bitter water'. How do you make cacao tea? You prepare cacao tea in the same way you would brew any loose leaf tea. If you're not a tea fanatic and are new to loose leaf tea don't be put off, it's actually super simple. It's the same as making a 'normal' cup of tea, but with the addition of an infuser. Just follow these 4 easy steps : Add 3 teaspoons of cacao tea into your infuser Place the infuser into your mug or teapot Fill with freshly boiled water Leave to brew for 5-7 minutes (or longer if you'd like a stronger, chocolatey taste!)