Celebrating Women Bouquet

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Page & Bloom are reinventing floristry using preloved materials.

This special edition bouquet was created to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. These roses and lilies are made from books by and about our favourite women in history, some famous and some less well known. They’ve used a book about alternative ‘blue plaques’, commemorating the hidden histories of women in London, as well as novels and biographies of some of our feminist heroines. 

Catch them soon, this special edition bouquet won’t be around for long! The bouquet comes wrapped in brown paper with a matching ribbon and handmade gift tag. It measures approximately 35cm in length and 20cm in diameter. 


Why are they blue? Well, until the 19th century, blue was the colour traditionally associated with girls and women (how times change….). Blue is also one of rarest flower colours in nature- in fact a blue rose is impossible to find- so we thought that nicely reflected the relative absence of women’s writing and women’s stories in history and literature. 

About Page & Bloom

Page & Bloom are reinventing floristry with paper flowers, transformed from preloved books, maps and paper. Each of their flowers is individually hand made, transforming paper into stunning floral designs.

​Page & Bloom also has a social purpose. They are are a social enterprise created to provide fair employment and opportunities for women who have experienced domestic abuse. They work in partnership with domestic abuse charities, who refer women to us once they have moved on from a women’s refuge. They provide free training to our makers, who are then paid to make the beautiful decorations we sell.

​Their handmade, sustainable decorations start out as paper that has come to the end of its original life. Rather than ending up in landfill or in a dusty attic, they give paper a new life as something beautiful. Their skilled designers and makers transform these raw materials into flowers. The magic happens with little more than scissors, glue, wire and a little bit of love and imagination.


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