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Cell Count American Pale Ale
Cell Count American Pale Ale
Cell Count American Pale Ale
Cell Count American Pale Ale
Tap Social Movement

Cell Count American Pale Ale

£26.00 - £48.00

A dark golden ale that starts off with a bitter kick which is quickly followed by floral, citrus notes and a smooth finish. Characterised by floral, fruitiness with piney, resinous American-variety hop character. The beer features a medium to medium-high hop bitterness, flavour and aroma.

At £42k/year, a prison place costs about 10 times more than a community sentence of the same length, and comes with higher reoffending rates. Reducing the CELL COUNT and making greater use of day release, would provide savings to the taxpayer and reduce crime rates.

12 packs are delivered loose in either paper bags or plain packaging. Please add the biodegradable 6 pack ring holders if you’d like the gift packaging. Full cases are delivered in branded boxes.


4.5% ABV

Ingredients: water, barley, hops, yeast

allergens in bold

Tap Social Movement grew out of a passion for great beer and social justice. They are a social enterprise founded in Oxford in 2016 by a small group of young professionals from a range of backgrounds across both the criminal justice system and the hospitality sector. Determined to do something about the way the UK’s broken prison system and exclusionary labour market combine to lock ex-offenders and victims of crime alike in a vicious cycle of reoffending, they set out to make a change.

In Tap Social Movement's first few years of operation they have worked with dozens of ex-offenders and prisoners on day-release to brew their criminally good beer for an increasingly broad and loyal audience. Several of those who joined Tap Social Movement from prison are still permanent members of the team, and many more have found sustainable employment elsewhere with their help.

Over this time Tap Social Movement have enjoyed awards and recognition for both their delicious beer and their real social impact. Last year they re-launched their core range of bold craft beer (pale ales, lagers, stouts and sour beer) in 330ml cans, complete with labels featuring artwork from prison artists and engaging facts about the broken penal system and how we can all contribute towards fixing it.

Tap Social Movement now have three hospitality venues in Oxfordshire, each offering a welcoming community space to bring people together and start conversations about the criminal justice system. Drink criminally good beer and make a difference. Join the movement.