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ChariTea Mixed Pack
ChariTea Mixed Pack
ChariTea Mixed Pack
ChariTea Mixed Pack
ChariTea Mixed Pack
ChariTea Mixed Pack

ChariTea Mixed Pack

£18.89 - £35.99

A mix of all ChariTea organic iced teas in a taster pack: black, green, red and mate. Our teas are real brewed from whole leaves, naturally sweetened with agave and contain no refined sugar.

The pack contains 3 bottles (12 pack) / 6 bottles (24 pack) of each flavour.

We make sure our farmers receive a fair deal by supporting Fairtrade and a sustainable agriculture. What's more, each bottle sold donates 5p to the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation with over £5 million raised for development projects in the farming regions.

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ChariTea black
Infusion of organic black tea (water, black tea) (93%), organic agave juice, organic lemon juice (3%)

ChariTea green
Infusion of organic green tea and organic ginger (water, green tea, ginger) (94%), organic agave juice, organic honey, organic lemon juice

ChariTea red
Infusion of organic rooibos tea (water, rooibos tea) (91%), organic agave juice, organic passion fruit juice (5%), organic elderberry juice

ChariTea mate
Carbonated infusion of organic mate tea and organic black tea (water, mate tea, black tea) (88%), organic agave juice, organic orange juice (3%), organic lemon juice (3%)

Nutritional Infos
black green red mate
Energy 17 kcal 15 kcal 16 kcal 17 kcal
Carbohydrates 3.8g
3.2g 3.4g 4g
of which sugars 3.8g 3.2g 3.4g 4g

All values per 100ml

Lemonaid and ChariTea have invented a new kind of social drinking with their organic soft drinks. 

Their juices and teas create real positive social change. Money from every bottle goes into the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation, an organisation supporting local initiatives in the regions their growers are from – parts of the world that are disadvantaged in the global economy. 

Run in partnership with local organisations, these initiatives improve social, economic and ecological structures. They all have one main goal: for every person to have access to independent, self-determined and sustainable livelihoods. 

So far the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation has raised an impressive €4 million. Every drink you buy from them helps that figure keep rising and the social initiatives keep thriving. 

Lemonaid and ChariTea’s commitment to supporting farming communities also shows up in how they source ingredients for their drinks. They pay higher prices for raw ingredients, are Fairtrade certified and personally get to know their local farmers and their working conditions, discovering what goes into growing their ingredients and the hidden stories behind them.

Flavours in their thirst-quenching drinks range from a blood orange juice with Italian summer vibes, to a refreshing Sri Lankan black tea with a dash of lemon. All are totally organic and delicious.