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Chocolate Gift Set with Drawstring Bag
Chocolate Gift Set with Drawstring Bag
Chocolate Gift Set with Drawstring Bag
Chocolate Gift Set with Drawstring Bag
Chocolate Gift Set with Drawstring Bag
Chocolate Gift Set with Drawstring Bag
Cocoa Social Enterprise CIC

Chocolate Gift Set with Drawstring Bag


This bundle of goodies contains handmade dark chocolate, chocolate mint cacao tea, hazelnut spread and cocoa beans in a bottle.


Loose Chocolate Mint Tea: Husk of Cacao beans, Cacao nibs, Chocolate Mint, Mint, Calendula and Marrow.

Festive Chocolate Bar: Cocoa beans, Cocoa butter, Unrefined Cane Sugar, Dates, Toasted Coconut, Cranberries, Pecan and Hazelnuts

Vegan Hazelnut Spread: Dark Cocoa powder, Extra virgin olive oil, Icing Sugar and Sea Salt

Cocoa Beans in a bottle: Nigerian cocoa beans

The products contain no artificial colours or preservatives, only natural simple ingredients. The teas will keep for up to two years and the chocolate bar for a year. Store both in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

– Hand made drawstring bag made from natural 100% cotton. Size( W x H) 20cm x 25cm. Hand wash and machine wash.
– Glass tube containing cocoa beans, stopped with cork.

Discover delectable bean-to-bar chocolates and cacao teas from Cocoa Social Enterprise CIC, the makers behind the Oyin’s Chocolate brand. They source top quality cocoa beans from farmers in Nigeria, Ecuador and Peru and pay them fairly. A premium price, in fact. 

More than just doing right by them in terms of money, Cocoa Social Enterprise CIC takes real pride in maintaining good, long-term relationships with these farmers and also supports their children’s education.

Back in the UK, Cocoa Social Enterprise CIC turns their thoughtfully sourced cocoa into handcrafted chocolate bars. They do this in small batches using only simple, natural ingredients – there’s no artificial preservatives, flavourings or extracts in these. 

They’re also big on celebrating the taste of pure cacao. That means very little unrefined cane sugar or no sugar at all goes into their recipes. Perfect if you want your chocolate fix but are also conscious about how much sugar is in your diet. 

All Cocoa Social Enterprise CIC products are vegan-friendly and, always looking for ways to do things more sustainably, they’ve introduced compostable and recyclable packaging too. 

When they’re not busy whipping up chocolates, you’ll also find Cocoa Social Enterprise CIC leading workshops and tastings around London. These are a place for them to share their love and knowledge around making, eating, history and nutrition of dark chocolate.