Classic Earl Grey


Fine teas supporting underprivileged communities.

In the early 1800s cheap tea was flavoured with bergamot by unscrupulous tea merchants and sold as expensive tea. Little did they know then that they were  giving birth to one of the most popular flavoured teas of Britain.

Not to worry, there is nothing remotely cheap about our Earl grey. We bring you the finest blends of Assam and Ceylon teas with the best of Italian bergamot in this award winning Earl Grey to transport you straight into your own little Earldom. Earl Grey with the Queen anyone? 

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How to enjoy: Steep 1tsp, or 1 tea pyramid, per cup for 3-4 mins in 95-100° C water. Add milk and sugar to taste if you like or try with a slice of lemon.

Ingredients: Premium black tea; Bergamot oil flavour; Orange blossoms.

About Tea People

Tea People are passionate about all things tea. They are here to share with you their passion, to introduce you to the wonderful world of tea and to invite you to be a part of this fascinating journey.
They believe that ‘tea is what you make it’. Tea can be different things to different people and with a little effort, creativity and innovation, it can even become a powerful medium for social change.
They aside at least half of their net profits for the cause of improving the lives of the underprivileged communities in and around the tea growing regions.

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Tea Variety

15 Tea Pyramids – boxed, 20 Tea Pyramids – tin caddy, 50 Tea Pyramids – resealable pouch, 100 Tea Pyramids – catering pack, 100g Loose Leaf – Boxed, 125g Loose Leaf – tin caddy, 250g Loose Leaf – resealable pouch, 500g Loose Leaf – catering pack.


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