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Duo of Lemongrass Soap & Cocao Butter Kiss Whip
Duo of Lemongrass Soap & Cocao Butter Kiss Whip
Duo of Lemongrass Soap & Cocao Butter Kiss Whip
Duo of Lemongrass Soap & Cocao Butter Kiss Whip

Duo of Lemongrass Soap & Cocao Butter Kiss Whip

The whip moisturiser is light and non-greasy, perfect for head to toe dry areas. Made from shea and cocao, it smells beautifully of chocolate.
The hand made soap smells of fresh lemongrass and combines natural essential oils with shea, coconut and cacao butter, 100% natural.
By purchasing this soap, you are supporting a community of women and children in Uganda who have experienced abuse due to albinism. Read more here about the women make the products here:


RubyMoon has given swim and activewear the slow fashion treatment, designing a capsule collection that’s made to last and good for the planet. 

On top of the stylish prints designed by a local artist, there’s something extra special about the material their versatile gym-to-swim pieces are made from. The fabric started life as ocean waste – ghost fishing nets, to be precise. 

RubyMoon partners with NGO Healthy Seas who collect these nets, which are terrible for marine life, leaching microfibres and killing over 100,000 animals every year. 

Through some clever Econyl fabric technology, they can be transformed into regenerated yarn, which is top quality and highly durable. Perfect for activewear. 

Healthy Seas isn't the only non-profit RubyMoon collaborates with. They’ve also partnered with Lend With Care, providing loans and business training to female entrepreneurs in developing nations. In fact, 100% of the brand’s profits go towards empowering women in business. 

Giving women the means to succeed economically has huge benefits for whole communities. Gender inequality promotes poverty, with women and girls making up 60% of chronically hungry people in the world. 

But when women are able to break the cycle of poverty and earn a good wage, the money is spent on nutrition, housing and education for their families – three factors that set kids up to thrive. 

Every item in the RubyMoon range is named after one of the 1200 (and counting) women they’ve supported, as a little reminder of the real positive impact your purchase has.