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FAIR. Café


FAIR. is the most refined coffee liqueur on the market, it tastes like the best Italian espressos.

It is made with Arabica coffee beans from Mexico.


FAIR. is the world's first and unique Fairtrade certified spirits brand.

They believe in treating all people fairly. Their vision has taken them all over the world to source the best ingredients for their high quality spirits. They believe that all the people involved, in every stage of the process, should be treated equally. They respect about 200 rules to make sure that they pay the farmers at a fair price. It enables farmers to cover their production costs, live from farming, educate their children and build schools.

They spend a great deal of time sourcing the finest Fairtrade ingredients for their spirits, including: Organic quinoa from the 3000 m high Altiplano plateau, organic sugar cane grown in the Belizean sun, organic arabica from Mexico, organic juniper berries from Uzbekistan, etc… Then they carefully ship everything to the famous region of Cognac in France, where the very best master distillers and brewers take over the production process. The heirs of a long line of distillers, they keep French expertise alive while further developing their techniques with a view to excellence.

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  • Pour 50ml of FAIR Vodka,
  • 35ml of FAIR Café and a shot of espresso into a cocktail shaker.
  • Fill the martini glass with ice to chill, then fill the cocktail shaker with ice as well.
  • Shake, empty the ice out of the martini glass and pour directly into the glass to help create a rich, smooth froth.