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Fluffy Sheep Tree Decorations

Fluffy Sheep Tree Decorations


Get quirky this Christmas with handmade felt decorations

A fine fluffy sheep coat is textured using hand crafted wool felt balls and decorated with colourful pom poms. A cute hanging decoration complete with hanging display thread.


These felt Chrstmas tree decorations are an environmentally friendly product made on a fair trade basis using traditional artisan skills.


9 x 4 x 7cm
*100% wool felt
*Hand crafted In Nepal
*Ethically sourced
*Creates sustainable employment
*Environmentally friendly

About the supplier

This supplier was the first Fair Trade USA certified company in Nepal. The company was established in 1994 as an economic development project with the main objective of providing job opportunities to urban and rural women who were living in poverty within their own homes and who were isolated from economic activities.

Karakorum introduces you to artisans of the world and the beautiful stories behind their products. This ethical home decor brand is a joyous celebration of traditional crafts, small business and fair trade practices. 

Karakorum is named after the former capital of the Moghul Empire, one of the most important cities on the Silk Road, despite its small size. Likewise, the brand is a small-but-mighty route for trade from around the world. 

A scroll through the Karakorum collection is like looking into the shop window of global artisans. Find candles crafted in Eswatini alongside Indian throws, Moroccan lanterns and Guatemalan sugar skull mugs. 

All Karakorum products have a special story and significance. Even more importantly, everything in the range is ethically made and sourced. That means the makers get a fair wage, there’s no exploitation in the supply chain, women are treated equally and the local community benefits from Karakorum’s trade. 

Whether you’re after a memorable, meaningful gift or a piece you can show off in your own home with pride – the Karakorum collection is the place to find it.