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Glass Pump Bottle

Glass Pump Bottle


500ml Glass pump bottle for use with the bide washing up liquid concentrate.

bide use a home manufacturing team to help support at-home workers in some of the hardest Covid struck areas of the UK.


The bide ethos: bide eco cleaning products are a zero waste cleaning solution, powered by local homeworkers. bide home manufacturing empowers people to earn a living from their own homes. When you buy a bide product, not only are you helping the planet, but you are also supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs. All boxes are hand selected and feature products that are home made in the UK. A tree is planted for every purchase, in partnership with Ecologi.

Eco Packaging:
100% recycled or compostable. No waste, No plastic. The filler is made from starch and can be dissolved in water.

Say so long to toxic cleaning products in favour of bide’s people and planet-friendly alternatives. 

The brand was set up to tackle two major challenges: growing unemployment, driven in part by the Covid pandemic, and the need for sustainable practices to overcome the climate crisis. 

So how does bide do its bit to make a positive impact on these issues? Firstly, by introducing “bide home manufacturing.” 

Through partnerships with charities who help unemployed and marginalised people, bide has created a network of staff who earn a flexible living making their products by hand at home. Right now bide home manufacturing is focused on areas hardest hit by the pandemic but there are plans to roll it out across the UK. 

True to their promise to be sustainable, this way of working – away from factories with a negative environmental impact – keeps things environmentally friendly. That goes for their ingredients list too: bide’s products are all made using natural, plant-derived ingredients that keep your home free from toxins and don’t release harmful materials into the water system.

Choose between individual products like dishwasher powder, toilet cleaning bombs and glass spray bottles, or order a bide box for the ideal eco cleaning starter pack. 

All bide items are packaged in 100% recycled and compostable or biodegradable materials. You won’t find any sneaky hidden plastic here.