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Disco Dust

Gold Chunky Face Glitter Mix


Bigger chunks for extra glitz! This chunky gold mix will have you strutting down the street like its a catwalk.

Part of Disco Dust’s Biodegradable range.

Disco Dust’s biodegradable glitter products are plant-based and made in the UK from hardwoods like eucalyptus. They are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and 40% softer than regular plastic glitter.


Contents: 3g of disco dust

How to use on hair:

– Apply hair gel where you want your glitter to go.

– Press your glitter onto the gel using a brush (clean your brush between uses) build up colours/density waiting for gel to dry between layers.

– Set with hair spray.

How to use on skin:

– Apply adhesive to skin where you would like your glitter to go (e.g. with petroleum jelly or hair gel).

– Apply glitter to skin with your fingers or with a small brush.

Please note: If you’re unsure, Disco Dust advise that you test a tiny bit of glitter on your skin before applying it to any larger areas. All glitters are EN71 tested and are safe for cosmetic use.

Keep glitter away from Eyes, if irritation occurs wash the area with water. If the problem persists seek professional medical advice.

Not suitable for consumption.

These biodegradable glitters and gels are used as tools to create, to express yourself, to be free and to inspire others to do the same. We want to look after the environment in style and have fun while we do it.

After launching online in November 2016, Disco Dust has grown from strength to strength, regularly seen across the catwalks of London and Milan Fashion week, in campaigns for Nike, and Bacardi Rum, on the drag queens of east London.

Each pot of biodegradable glitter is individually hand poured in the UK to guarantee perfection in every product and make all you disco lovers sparkle even more than you already do!