Green Gold – Pistachio Truffles


Delicious chocolates creating employment for people with autism.

You will fall in love with these truffles and there is a reason why we are making this tall claim.

The truffles ganache is made from delicately smooth and luxurious butter made of 100% highest quality pistachio nuts, lightly toasted and stone milled to preserve their great taste and aroma.  The ganache is then mixed with white chocolate and fragrant fine pistachio oil from the Loire Valley in France. 

Finally, the ganache is hand-piped in milk truffles, lovingly hand enrobed in milk chocolate and topped with pistachio nibs.

You will get everything your senses desire – aroma, smooth texture of the ganache, the crunch of the nuts, mixed in smooth milk chocolate.  


Ingredients: pure pistachio paste, chopped pistachio nuts, pistachio oil, white chocolate. Contains milk, nuts and soya.

Box includes 10 truffles.

Award-winning flavours and positive social change, that’s Harry Specters. Mona, Shaz and their son Ash, who has autism, are behind this social enterprise. They create delicious chocolate bars, selection boxes, truffles and much more.

Since the company inception in November 2012, they have a total number of 260 beneficiaries which mostly includes young people with autism. They contributed to the business in different ways. This includes making, packaging and selling chocolates for our online and corporate customers. In summary all of them learnt new skills resulting in increased confidence, hope, and aspirations for their future.


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