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Hand painted solid decorative heart

Hand painted solid decorative heart


These exquisite new range of Solid Hearts are individually hand made by the skilled craftsmen and women of Kashmir using papier-mâché. They are then hand painted with traditional Kashmiri designs to produce these luxurious decorations that could be the centre piece all year round.


Dimensions - H 8cm x W 9m D x 5cm


Discover exquisitely decorated handmade homewares by the Dalit Goods Co, a social enterprise standing up for Dalit people in India. 

The term “Dalit” translates as downtrodden or oppressed. Positioned at the bottom of India’s society, people in Dalit communities have been subject to dehumanising abuse and discrimination for thousands of years. 

The Dalit Goods Co aims to raise awareness of the terrible inequalities Dalit people suffer as well as helping to improve their lives. Sales of their products help fund Life Association, the charity behind the brand. Much of their work revolves around providing support and education, including building schools and children’s homes, for Dalits in India. 

Dalit Goods Co also create jobs for underprivileged people – their entire range is handcrafted by artisans in Dalit communities. For instance, Dalit people from Kashmir create the beautiful egg cups by using papier-mâché and painting them with traditional Kashmiri designs.