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Inspiring Self Believer Print
Inspiring Self Believer Print
Inspiring Self Believer Print
Inspiring Self Believer Print

Inspiring Self Believer Print

£7.95 - £9.95

Stib Inspirational Prints come in either A4 or A3 and make an ideal gift. Featuring a ‘Spark Word’ and its  Stibler animal character, they are a visual prompt to help children navigate common life lumps and bumps and remind our youngest what’s amazing about them now and also the way they see the world in childhood.


Each Poster comes unmounted and unframed.

Made from FSC & recycled paper, we use the most environmentally friendly packaging in currently available from our supplier; Eco Craft.

Stib’s mission is to creatively support young people to feel good on the inside and do good on the outside and also donates 10% of profits to its charitable partner

Stib stands for “Spark Thinking in a Box.” And that’s exactly what these colourful cards, prints, pencils and other children’s products do – they spark conversations, positivity, ideas and plans. 

At a time when kids are reportedly breaking new records for unhappiness, Stib adds a little boost of confidence, self-identity and creativity into their everyday experiences. 

From Joy Finder to Peace Keeper, each product is based around one of their Spark Words. These are designed to inspire kids, get them talking about their feelings and think about the way they see the world. 

Each Spark Word is also matched with one of The Stiblers – a collection of animal characters who are there to help children with a dose of wisdom and magic when they need it.

As a brand, Stib is built around being a parent with kids at its core. That’s not just in the products they create but in the hours they work and the charities they give back to. 10% of profits support projects that help all children find and ignite their spark. 

Ultimately, Stib products help children feel good and do good. They celebrate their energy, automatic kindness, sense of adventure and belief in magic, while filling them with belief that you’re #NeverTooLittleTooLead.