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Award-winning beer brewed with surplus fresh bread.

Inbread Moonshine is an Eau-de-vie de Bière with a 44% alcohol content. It’s a clear spirit, most akin to an unaged whisky. There are delicate aromas of hops and freshly baked bread, hints of maltiness which develop further on the palate with flavours of warm shortbread, coffee and chocolate, and a sweet hoppy finish with a big juicy, creamy mouthfeel.

When one of Toast's biggest customers, the ExCeL London convention centre, had to cancel their order for kegs (a small matter of being transformed into London's NHS Nightingale Hospital), we were faced with having to waste many kegs of beer. Instead they partnered with our friends at Greensand Ridge Distillery to distill the beer into an ‘Eau-de-vie de Bière’.

Every purchase of Inbread Moonshine will fund 10 freshly-made hot meals for vulnerable families, helping to provide food for someone who might otherwise have skipped a meal.

About Toast Ale

Toast Ale is on a mission to prove that the alternative to food waste is delicious & pint sized. They brew award- winning beer with fresh surplus bread to replace 1/3 of the malted barley. They source bread from bakeries and sandwich makers and brew with Wold Top Brewery in Yorkshire, one of the UK’s most sustainable breweries. All profits go to their partner charity Feedback to end food waste, making Toast the best thing since, well, you know ...

In the UK, bread is top of the list of our most wasted household food items.  We waste almost 900,000 tonnes of bread every year – around 24 million slices every day. In terms of calories, that’s enough to lift over 26 million people out of hunger.

World Top Brewery use traditional methods and recipes to brew ales with character. The character reflects the fact that the pure, chalk filtered water travels only metres from a borehole to the brewery, that the barley is exclusively Wolds grown and malted by family maltsters and that selected British grown hops impart a distinctive flavour. Crops are surrounded with two metre margins to maintain wildlife biodiversity and maintain 35 acres of species rich chalk grassland that is home to varied flora and fauna. Two wind turbines power the brewery and the farm, hops are recycled as garden mulch, spent grains are collected by a local farmer to feed his cows and reed beds filter waste water. 

Toast Ale makes fighting food waste as easy as enjoying a cheeky pint. Literally. 

Their palate-pleasing beers are made from leftover loaves of bread, chipping away at the 44% of bread that goes to waste. A shocking stat and just one small part of a mounting food waste problem that’s pretty terrible for the environment, to put it mildly.  

By using surplus fresh bread instead of virgin barley, Toast Ale is also reducing the demand for land and water as well as avoiding the extra emissions that come from producing it. It makes perfect planet-saving sense. 

Supporting other organisations who want to fix the food system for people and the planet is important to them too, which is what their profits go towards. 

Oh, and we should mention that these beers are absolutely delicious too. With brews ranging from craft lager to session IPA, whatever your go-to beer you should find a Toast Ale alternative you’ll love. 

In their words: raise a toast, save the world. Cheers!