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Peachy Upcycled Sari Cotton Kantha Infinity Scarf


Brighten your outfit on a chilly day with an upcycled infinity sari scarf. All of the scarves from this collection are custom-made for Shakti.ism in Jaipur, India. Each piece is unique, made from the fabric of two carefully chosen complementary saris, one for each side of the infinity scarf. Bright colours, bold prints, and unique pairings reflect local fabrics, and ensure that no one else has a scarf exactly like yours.

Each beautiful loop scarf combines straight even rows of hand stitching known as kantha, traditional to Northwestern India and Bangladesh. Use yours as a vibrant scarf on a cold autumn evening or a snug throw or blanket while you curl up with a good book. 

Every single purchase from this collection changes lives & builds futures.


The word ‘kantha’ means ‘patched cloth’ and women from this region have made functional shawls like this for centuries. These stunning kantha products are superimposed layers of repurposed saris, carefully hand-sewn with neat rows of contrasting thread to form a beautiful finished looping scarf. Each item is made from 100% reclaimed cotton sari cloth, and has the hand-stitched name of its maker sewn into the cloth.

Soft cotton fabric from repurposed saris

Approximately 84 x 24 cm when laid flat (approx. 33 x 9.5 in)

Dry cleaning is recommended to maintain the vibrant colour and texture of your handmade cotton kantha product.

While Anoothi creates beauty, it also brings empowerment into the lives of thousands of poor rural women and destitute children of India. Anoothi is a unique combination of two very different elements: creativity and compassion! Using microcredit and micro-enterprise, they help to support and organise poor rural women of Rajasthan, India in self-help groups. Anoothi provides training in making home decor and textiles, wearable garments and jewellery. Their creations are ethnic and traditional, and aim to preserve and promote the indigenous craft and skill of natives. Anoothi aims not only to give sustenance to poor women but the process is further extended to the next generation. 50% of the profit generated through Anoothi products is contributed to sustaining Vatsalya’s Street Children rehabilitation program and 25% is spent on health care of the Anoothi women.

Discover beautiful fair trade accessories and gifts from Shakti.ism, a social enterprise brand on a mission to empower and support marginalised women. 

They partner with local grassroots NGOs to ensure their support is reaching people who need it most. Often these are women and girls who have experienced or are at risk of gender-based violence as well as other disadvantages. 

Shakti.ism and their partners create a supportive space for the women to develop their skills as artisans and entrepreneurs. This training and support creates far-reaching ripples of change. It helps ensure the women have a sustainable livelihood for the future, breaks the cycle of poverty and preserves local traditions. 

Every item in the Shakti.ism collection represents a brighter future, in the form of dignified employment, a living wage, hope and opportunities – for both the women themselves and their children. 

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