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Gung Ho

Pesticide Sweatshirt


This unisex statement sweatshirt is bold and eye-catching, serving up a taste of an 80s colour palette. But it’s the vibrant embroidery that’s a real conversation starter. At first glance it’s deliciously fruity, but look a little closer for a visual representation of the pesticide residues found on a humble pepper when not shopping organically. Style with your favourite kicks for a casual day out.

All Gung Ho’s garments come with a dinky mini-zine explaining the issue you are wearing, it’s importance and what you can do to help. This means the next time someone compliments you on what you are wearing, you have more to say than just ‘Thanks!’. Let’s inspire and get people talking through design! Gung Ho call this, wearing your heart on your sleeve – after all, we’re more than just a pretty face and fashion should showcase your values too.

10% of Gung Ho’s profits go back to a charity that works with that issue, in this case SeedsShare, a London-based non-profit working to provide organic and in-season seeds to farmers and home growers around the globe.

Made in Bangladesh in a Fair Wear-certified factory and embroidered in Oxford supporting small local businesses.