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Reusable Face Wipes - Leaf
Reusable Face Wipes - Leaf
Reusable Face Wipes - Leaf
Reusable Face Wipes - Leaf
Reusable Face Wipes - Leaf
Reusable Face Wipes - Leaf
Reusable Face Wipes - Leaf
Reusable Face Wipes - Leaf

Reusable Face Wipes - Leaf


These 100% organic cotton make up wipes are soft, gentle and the perfect accessory to your cleansing routine. They're double-sided with a soft sweet pea gauze on one side and a fluffy towelling on the other.


They're great for using with an oil cleanser to wipe away excess make up, with a liquid product, like our Cleansing Milk, for cleasing, or just to use to wipe damp skin at the end of your wash.


Each pack contains 5 wipes which can be washed up to 40° in the washing machine. Depending on how much product you're washing off, we recommend using each one for 2-3 days before putting through the wash, just simply rinse out and squeeze between each use.


Fine Details:

Each wipe measures approximately 12.5 x 12.5 cm and is packaged with a single paper band label.


What I'm Made Of

100% organic cotton

Top side: organic cotton sweet pea gauze

Bottom: organic cotton towelling

Skin Science

Facial skin can be extremely sensitive and the texture of the accessories we use when cleansing, or when applying make up can affect how it feels. Using soft fibres such as sweet pea gauze and cotton towelling reduces micro abrasion but there's enough texture to delicately exfoliate away any dirt or residue when cleansing, which is super important for health skin.

Taking Care

If using to remove make up, be sure to hand wash or put through a wash cycle as soon as possible to avoid staining. They'll keep their shape best if you pull them gently flat whilst still damp.

Doing Good

10% of our profits go to two charities that are very important to us. You can find out more about them here.

Scintilla is a small, female-founded brand, based in South West London creating natural and sustainable products. Every product from them has been handmade and uses ingredients and materials from trusted suppliers to help you bring more sustainable and affordable alternatives to your everyday routines. 

​Each product is designed with their commitment to sustainable, natural and cruelty-free living in mind.

The long-term goal of Scintilla is to change the skincare landscape, making sustainable options the most natural choice. Scintilla also wishes to support important causes by donating 10% of their profits to two wonderful charities: SEED Madagascar and Mind.