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Seachange Rosé – Case of Six

Seachange Rosé – Case of Six


Summer in a glass, full of sunshine and red fruit.

Pays D’Oc IGP, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Neighbouring Provence with an equally stunning Mediterranean coastline consisting of sun-drenched beaches, azure seas and bijou bistros, it’s not a huge surprise to learn that the Languedoc also produces incredible rosé wines. Days lost in chic beachfront cafés, vistas through the hue of a sunglass lens, a crisp ice cold rosé in hand… you can picture the scene.

This is exactly the type of coastal environment they want to help protect with Sea Change, so we can all continue to enjoy it in the future. There’s no better way to achieve this than by relaxing with a refreshing glass of Sea Change Rosé.


?? France, Languedoc-Roussillon

? Syrah

? Vegetarian

? Vegan

? 12.5%

? 2019

Tasting Notes

Made with the Syrah (a.k.a. Shiraz) grape variety, Sea Change Rosé is a beautiful, pale pink colour. We think each glass evokes memories of fresh strawberries and watermelon, framed with a mouthwatering crispness that delivers a clean and refreshing experience.

Food Pairings

We think Sea Change Rosé drinks beautifully with light dishes, seafood and salads. But truth be told, this is simply a cracking wine to be enjoyed with friends, either with or without food.

When to drink

Rosés are best consumed when they are youthful, fresh and always chilled.


Château Canet manages its vineyards according to the guidelines of sustainable viticulture, following the brief of ‘Terra Vitis’. The mandate focuses on sustainable development (social, environmental and economic) and encourages the production of fantastic grapes whilst respecting the environment and maintaining the long term health and sustainability of the vineyards and surrounding agricultural land.

Environmental Benefits

By choosing Sea Change Rosé you are helping to rescue and rehabilitate trapped Sea Turtles from ghost nets in the Indian Ocean. Since 2011, just one of our charity partners (Olive Ridley Project) has recorded 835 entangled turtles. They need your help.

About Seachange

Seachange want to combine their love of great wine with their desire to do something to help protect our oceans.

Turning the tide on the juggernaut that is plastic pollution is only going to happen if we all make changes, even small ones, and this is where the wine you choose can play a role.

With the removal of the unnecessary plastic wrap around the cork, the use of renewable plant-based closures and the paper for the labels coming from certified sustainable forests and made partially from grape waste, combined with a donation to marine charities from every bottle sold they think choosing Sea Change does make a difference.

Find yourself a new favourite wine from Sea Change, a social enterprise making waves of change with their eco-friendly wines. 

These winemakers are committed to creating exceptional drinks and caring for our oceans in equal measure. Look closely at the beautiful hand drawn illustrations on each bottle and you’ll notice the marine animals depicted have bits of plastic inside, reflecting the effects of plastic pollution. 

Keen to be part of the solution, Sea Change put real thought into their own packaging. There are none of those plastic wraps around their bottle tops and the labels are a mix of paper from certified sustainable forests and grape waste too. Even the corks are made from a renewable plant-based material.  

Sea Change also gives back to conservation charities who help protect marine animals too, making a donation for every bottle sold. All this adds up to a lot of small ripples of change and one big positive impact per bottle. 

Better still, there’s a great variety in their award-winning range. So you can toast to making a difference whether you’re partial to a prosecco, reds like negroamaro, whites like sauvignon blanc or a rosé.