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10L Biodegradable Bin Bags
10L Biodegradable Bin Bags - 2 rolls
10L Biodegradable Bin Bags
10L Biodegradable Bin Bags - 2 rolls

10L Biodegradable Bin Bags

£4.00 - £17.50

Seep's original compostable bin liners in a handy 10L roll with 25 bags in one roll. For use in small bins and lining small caddies (40 cm x 47 cm).

Seep is a climate positive company that makes plastic-free cleaning products.


High quality and reinforced base to prevent leaking

25 bags in one roll

Clear bag approved for local authority collection 

Made in the EU 

Shipped from the UK 

Certified compostable (EN13432 and TUV Compost Home)

FSC certified packaging and 100% recyclable 

Made from renewable materials with renewable energy

Why should you make the switch?

Degrades quickest in home compost and local authority food waste facilities.

Can be used for general waste, and will degrade much faster than standard plastic liners even in landfill 

Does not create microplastics

Storage Instructions: 

Keep in a cool, dry place 

Shelf-life of 12 months. After this it will naturally start to break down.


Wash, scrub, dry and compost in the most eco-friendly way with Seep’s cleaning products. They’re good for the environment, high quality and even look good. 

You won’t find any plastic in the bin bags, tea towels, scourers and other items that make up the Seep range. Instead, everything is made using renewable material sources and packaged in FSC-certified materials to boot. 

With an unthinkably high number of plastic sponges alone (around 600 million) thrown away every year, nearly all made from virgin plastic, you can see why green alternatives are very much needed. 

Unlike the unrecyclable plastic items, all of Seep’s compostable cleaning products go full circle: from the earth to your home, then seeping back into the earth. 

Seep’s partnership with On A Mission is also another way they take steps to be kind to the environment. On A Mission is a reforestation charity, through which the brand offsets its carbon footprint. 

Seep has gone one step further though. They’re now carbon-positive, investing in forest regeneration projects that remove 3.5 times the amount of carbon from the atmosphere for every kg the company emits. 

The cherry on top of all this is that these cleaning products actually look aesthetically pleasing – you’ll be proud to show them off at home. Yep, even the bin liners.