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Irish Linen Tea Towel - Fern
Irish Linen Tea Towel - Fern
Irish Linen Tea Towel - Fern
Irish Linen Tea Towel - Fern

Irish Linen Tea Towel - Fern


Made from Irish Linen, Sewn have created a tea towel that is perfect for adding a drop of colour to your home. Through buying a Sewn product, you are helping them to support a brighter future for survivors of human trafficking in Northern Ireland. 

Dimensions: Each tea towel is a generous 45cmx71cm.

Care Instructions: These tea towels washing machine friendly, just be sure to keep it cooler at 30 degrees. If needed you can tumble dry but we recommend drying them in the fresh air.

Shop beautiful handmade tea towels and napkins with hope sewn at the centre by this Northern Irish social enterprise. 

The inspiration behind Flourish is a belief that everyone deserves a bright future that’s filled with hope, dignity and creativity. They help make this a reality for survivors of human trafficking on their Sew and Skill programme, through which all of Flourish's items are made.

Survivors face many barriers that stop them moving on with their lives, including employability and developing skills for work. Joining the programme gives them a chance to upskill and enhance their CV. 

This is more than just a way to prepare for work though. The Sew and Skill programme offers survivors a creative outlet and a way to build confidence within a friendly community. It’s a stepping stone on their ongoing journey to freedom and that brighter future. 

All profits from Flourish products go back into Flourish NI, the charity behind the brand, to further support survivors of human trafficking through services ranging from helping with debts and loans to finding safe accommodation. 

The tea towels and napkins are durable and made to last using quality Irish linen, arriving to you in plastic-free packaging. We love the option for personalised lettering on their oatmeal tea towel.