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The Sparkling Celebration Gift Box

The Sparkling Celebration Gift Box


The perfect present to unbox round the dinner table with friends, though they may be tempted not to share treats this good. They’re good in more ways than one, made by brands who are environmentally friendly at heart, such as Sea Change. These winemakers have a commitment to marine conservation and tackling plastic pollution at their heart, starting with their own plastic-free packaging. 

Includes 6 items:
  • Sea Change, Prosecco, 75cl
  • Love Cocoa, Prosecco Chocolate Bar, 75g
  • Nourish, Organic Vanilla Coconut Macaroons, 110g
  • Island Bakery, Cheese Biscuits — Harissa with Chilli & Cumin, 100g
  • Island Bakery, Lemon Melts, 133g
  • Liberation Nuts, Salted Peanuts & Cashews, 90g

The sparkle in this gift box also comes from Love Cocoa’s Prosecco Chocolate Bar, which is infused with bubbly and there’s extra fizz from popping candy. The brand is run by James Cadbury (yep, from that Cadbury family!), bringing centuries of chocolate heritage together with modern ethical values. 

Like Love Cocoa, Liberation Nuts are committed to sustainable sourcing. In fact, they set the standard in the nut industry and ensure their farmers are always paid at least the Fairtrade minimum, if not more. The Salted Peanuts & Cashews won’t last long – more-ish sums them up! 

If your giftee is more of a sweet-toothed snacker, it might be Island Bakery’s Lemon Melts or Nourish’s Organic Vanilla Coconut Macaroons that are cracked open (and polished off) first.



All gifts are fully itemised online. We make every effort to supply the items listed. However, in the event of supply difficulties, we reserve the right to substitute any items with replacements of at least equal quality and value.

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