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Toast Ale

Rise Up 0.5% Lager

£18.00 - £66.00

A finely balanced craft Lager that’s packed with citrus and low in alcohol at 0.5% ABV.

Brewed with surplus fresh bread, sweet and fruity malts, modern European hops and teapigs’ pure lemongrass tea.

This limited-edition beer is part of a collab series with B Corps like teapigs, celebrating ways to fix our broken food system for people and the planet. It’s #TimeToRiseUp.


Food production is the biggest contributor to climate change, but one third of all food is wasted. Toast is here to change that. They brew their planet-saving beer with surplus fresh bread and all their profits go to charities fixing the food system.

Raise a Toast. Save the world. Cheers.

ABV: 0.5% (0.22 units)

Suitable for Vegans

Allergens: Wheat, Barley.
May contain: Spelt, Rye.

Hops: Magnum and Styrian Wolf
Malts: Surplus bread, Pilsner, Melanoidin, Carapils, Caragold, Maltodextrin

Toast Ale makes fighting food waste as easy as enjoying a cheeky pint. Literally. 

Their palate-pleasing beers are made from leftover loaves of bread, chipping away at the 44% of bread that goes to waste. A shocking stat and just one small part of a mounting food waste problem that’s pretty terrible for the environment, to put it mildly.  

By using surplus fresh bread instead of virgin barley, Toast Ale is also reducing the demand for land and water as well as avoiding the extra emissions that come from producing it. It makes perfect planet-saving sense. 

Supporting other organisations who want to fix the food system for people and the planet is important to them too, which is what their profits go towards. 

Oh, and we should mention that these beers are absolutely delicious too. With brews ranging from a chocolate stout to a craft lager to a session IPA, whatever your go-to beer you should find a Toast Ale alternative you’ll love. 

In their words: raise a toast, save the world. Cheers! 

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