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Whipped Body Balm
Whipped Body Balm
Whipped Body Balm
Whipped Body Balm
Whipped Body Balm
Whipped Body Balm
Whipped Body Balm
Whipped Body Balm

Whipped Body Balm


The Kitchen Cosmetics whipped body balm is packed with skin loving butters, essential oils & fatty acids. This multidimensional regenerative & repairing balm is suitable for all skin types & everyday use. Formulated with natural antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties that promotes collagen cell growth. It enhances the natural sebum smoothing softening & nourishing the skin. The balm has long lasting effects making it great for conditioning dry chapped patches such as heels, knees and elbows, and healing scar tissue.

Kitchen Cosmetics has a partner charity, KC Causes, which works to support community projects local to the founder’s home.



Suitable for everyday use

Rich in essential fatty acids & antioxidants

Generate healthy new cells

Restore suppleness to the skin

Naturally hypoallergenic

Perfect for healing scar tissue

Suitability: This is suitable for all skin types from new born to mature sin. Excellent for dry skin conditions such as eczema dermatitis & psoriasis. The melts into the skin and a little goes a long way! It typically lasts for around 2 / 3 months.

Ingredients: Shea butter (Antioxidants vitamins A, E & F), Mango butter (Antioxidants & Vitamins A C & E), Candelilla wax (rich in nutrients), Sweet almond Oil (Protein & vitamins b1 b2 & b6), Carrot Seed Oil (vitamins A and E and pro-vitamin A), Jasmine fragrance oil (A natural fragrance)


How To Use: Massage small amounts gently into your skin apply onto damp or dry skin daily after shower/bath for best results. It’s highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. Safe to use all over.

Product: 180ml Wide mouth reusable glass amber jar & screw top lid, 65mm in diameter 81mm in height 



Kitchen Cosmetics products are as gentle and kind on your skin as they are on the planet.  

For them, there’s no place for chemicals, toxins or animal products in their range. From the soothing Moisturising Hair Soufflé infused with aloe vera, to the sugar-based Body & Beard Scrub, everything by Kitchen Cosmetics is completely natural, organic, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 

Being natural and ethical doesn’t make Kitchen Cosmetics any less luxurious. By making their products by hand in small batches, they ensure the very best quality and freshness. Ingredients are ethically sourced and products arrive in repurposed packaging too. 

Kitchen Cosmetics even does good for other people. Sales of their products support The KC Causes, a non-profit set up by founder Latoya that mobilises and strengthens local communities around the UK. 

The KC Causes give back in various ways every quarter. As well as building community events, they help families experiencing financial hardship, food shortages and mental health needs. So, every time you take a moment for self-care, you're also caring for others too.