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Return to the Office

As lockdown restrictions lift and your employees come back to the office after covid, ease them back in with a message of support and social impact. The pandemic has put renewed focus on community. Companies that took special care of their team, customers and clients have been celebrated. Giving back to charitable causes is one thing. But your purchasing power means that you can make a difference for people and planet with every gift, as well as every supplier for your workspace. All thanks to Social Supermarket return to work gifts and suppliers.

Gifts That Give Back

Gifts That Give Back

Ease them back in with a message of support and social impact. Leave a gift box on their desks or deliver to the doorstep. It will help make commuting again that bit easier while showing that your company cares – about them, as well as causes they care about. Think: a reusable coffee cup to show you’re serious about reducing single-use plastics. Or stationery made from recycled materials that also funds educational projects worldwide. And don’t forget some tasty treats – from nuts that fund water projects to teas that employ refugees.
Social Impact Supplies

Social Impact Supplies

We’re in a new era and more than ever, employees and clients expect more from the companies they do business with. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to better communicate your values and connect with people on a personal level. Stock up your pantry so your team has social impact snacks, teas and coffees whenever they need. Plus, we can help you to get everything from the hand soap in the loos to the flowers in your foyer contributing to some good in the world with our social impact suppliers.


01Choose Your Contents

Select our ready-to-go gift box or create your own version designed with your team in mind and choose from over 1,000 products.


Select your box and design from our range of different packaging options. We can offer branded gift boxes with your logo or a message on too if you’d like.


Add a gift note or personalised message to each gift box.


Work with us to set a delivery date. We can send boxes to anywhere in the world. We can deliver orders from 1 to 25,0000 gift boxes. All you have to do is place them on their desks.

The Welcome Back pack

Order our Welcome Back pack, curated especially for the return to the work after lockdown. Perfect for those who’ve misplaced their reusable coffee cup or those who love the feeling or fresh stationery for this new era.


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We have over 1,000 products that can help to make your office more sustainable and socially impactful. From the soap in the bathroom to the tea and coffee in the kitchen. Or if you want to test out our social impact snacks, simply purchase our Stock the Pantry sharing box below. Put the causes your company cares about into the heart of your workplace.


Let us know how often you want to receive your products – from weekly top-ups for bathroom essentials to cleaning refills every fortnight.


We can provide something a bit special for those moments when you need them. Perhaps you’d like some ‘evergreen’ paper flowers for your conference room to wow clients. Or, an extra order of snacks for a team building event. Top up a regular order or simply place a unique order when you need it.


Work with us to set a delivery date and provide address details. We can send your products to one HQ or multiple locations.

The Stock the Pantry sharing box

We’ve put together a Stock the Pantry sharing box, designed to be shared among co-workers. It’s perfect for making the return to the office feel extra special and welcoming. With social impact snacks that include popcorn that transforms lives and nut cocktails which support small-scale farmers. Plus, there’s NEMI Teas, delicious and sustainable teas that employ refugees, and DASH sparkling drinks that save wonky fruit and veg from going to waste.


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