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Celebrate International Women’s Day with Social Supermarket and female-led social enterprises creating positive change for women Featured Image

Celebrate International Women’s Day with Social Supermarket and female-led social enterprises creating positive change for women


This International Women’s Day, 8th March 2022, social enterprise marketplace Social Supermarket are celebrating womxn-owned businesses, as well as those that support causes affecting womxn. From providing training and employment to female ex-offenders to supporting survivors of domestic violence – these inspiring female-led businesses show that shopping with social enterprises can make a tangible difference in the world.

The International Women's Day Gift Box, with its contents surrounding the box they all come in, including Cocoa Social Enterprise Cacao Tea, a Chocolate and Love gift set, Refuge Chocolate spread and melts, a Dalit candle and a bar of Scintilla soap.
The International Women’s Day Gift Box, £42.99


Social Supermarket has brought together some of its female-led brands in The International Women’s Day

Gift Box to celebrate 2022’s IWD, including:

  • Hot chocolate melts and chocolate spread from Refuge Chocolate, a business founded by Tara Mullan, with profits going to Flourish NI, an anti-human trafficking charity.

  • Scintilla’s vegan-friendly, handmade bar of lavender and grapefruit soap, with 10% of profits going to Mind and SEED Madagascar charities.The brand was established by Rebecca Dallimore.

  • Chocolate and Love’s Assorted Rich Dark Chocolate Gift Box, complete with four bars of bean-to-bar Fairtrade chocolate that supports farmers and plants trees.

  • Cocoa Social Enterprise CIC’s Loose Rose Cacao Tea, supporting producers with fairly paid, long-term work, as well as supporting their children’s education.

  • Dalit Goods Co.’s Rahul candle, providing employment to women in the marginalised Dalit community in India.

Championing female-led businesses and supporting their growth is a key part of Social Supermarket’s mission. In fact, this support is needed more than ever with Crunchbase reporting that in 2019, just 2.8% of funding went to female-led startups. But in 2020 that dropped to 2.3%. Alongside impact icons for brands that repurpose materials or those that make charitable contributions, Social Supermarket shoppers can filter by Female-Led Businesses to support women-owned this International Women’s Day.

Brands that are both female-led and support women in the positive impact they create are popular on Social Supermarket, too.

For example, Grace Chocolates Changing Lives, which is a female-led brand, impacts women who’ve been touched by the Scottish criminal justice system.Through their Making Positive Changes programme, women are put on a path of personal development, learning and economic wellbeing. All powered by handmade chocolates.

From left: Grace Chocolates Changing Lives, Special Edition Chocolate Truffles – Box of 24, £26.95; LUX LUZ Eco-Soy Scented Candle, available in Lime & Basil, Fig, Pomelo or Coconut & Vanilla, £20

LUX LUZ, set up by co-founders Anna and Sophie, supports women who’ve survived domestic violence with emergency accommodation in refuges and art therapy workshops to rebuild their confidence.

SO JUST SHOP exists to empower female artisans globally and lift 250,000 women and their families out of poverty through ethical, sustainable products. Founder Jennifer Georgeson has seen firsthand throughout her career how empowering women has the knock-on effect of solving other issues because they go on to invest in family and the local community. It saves lives, increases education and improves social indicators of whole communities.

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A green espresso cup
A group of female artisans in Rwanda, Africa in a row with woven baskets


The Little Coffee Company sources coffee from female farmers in regions of crisis. Little Coffee Company also donates 20p from every one of their tins to SolarAid, to ensure children can keep reading even when the sun goes down.

Image of someone smiling with their body facing away from the camera. They are wearing a white crop top and the black bikini pants in grey.

From left: The Little Coffee Company, Ethiopian Whole Coffee Beans 250g, £16; Hey Girls,The Essential Bikini Period Pants, £16.95

Hey Girls, founded by Celia Hodgson and run with her two daughters, create period products that are not only environmentally friendly but also help to fight period poverty. For every pack or pair of pants bought, another is donated to someone in need. In fact, they have some 200 donation partners, due to the widespread nature of period poverty in the UK. To date, Hey Girls have donated more than 20 million period products to communities that need them in the UK.

The Glasshouse, founded by friends Kali Hamerton-stove and Melissa Murdoch, provides female ex-offenders horticultural training in disused prison glasshouses, as well as helping them gain employment. The resulting plants are sent via post and come with a pot and tray, Plants start from £26.

A selection of products from female-led businesses including Chika's, Chocolate and Love, Scintilla, Boundless Activated Snacking, Divine Chocolate, Cocoa Social Enterprise CIC, Refuge Chocolate and Grace Chocolates Changing Lives – all scattered randomly and shot from above.