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Brands we work with

Here at Social Supermarket we love brands with a positive story to tell and an amazing product to match. We don’t compromise on either. Every brand we work with not only creates fantastic products but creates a positive ripple in society. Better buying starts here. 

Impact Pillars

We are passionate about creating impact through everyday purchasing. We work with brands who reinvest profits into their social or environmental mission. Some examples include:

  • Employment opportunities: we love brands who provide employment opportunities for those furthest from the workplace, for example, NEMI Teas provides employment for refugees. 
  • Upcycled: giving new life to materials that would otherwise go to waste, for example, Elvis & Kresse make handbags and wallets from upcycled, decommissioned fire hoses. 
  • Profits donated: money from each purchase is donated to a good cause, for example, Ocean Bottle who donate profits to Plastic Bank who collect 1,000 bottles for every Ocean Bottle sold. 

Verifying our brands’ impact

In addition to looking at each brand’s impact model, we ensure we verify all of our brands’ impact and supply chains independently, as well as through third parties such as Good Market, SEUK and B Corp. For products that we are selling on a supplies-only basis,(as opposed to on our marketplace,) we ensure that all products we offer meet our social procurement framework. For more information on our social procurement framework, please contact us.

Brands who want to sell on our marketplace, should firstly complete a Good Market application, where you’ll be asked about your employment practices, supply chain and so on. Should you pass, you’ll become a part of the Good Market community of likeminded, ethical brands.

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