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Allergen Statement

At Social Supermarket we take your dietary choices and food allergies and intolerances very seriously. We aim to provide customers with all the information needed for them to make informed choices.

We offer vegetarian, vegan friendly, gluten free and alcohol free options within our catalogue.

*Allergy Warning* All of our hamper products display their contents, ingredients, nutritional’s and allergens individually. However our hampers are assembled in a facility that also handles pre-packaged known allergens. We therefore cannot guarantee completely allergy free products due to the small risk of cross contamination of the below items.

  1. Cereals Containing Gluten
  2. Crustaceans
  3. Eggs and products thereof
  4. Fish and products thereof
  5. Peanuts
  6. Soybeans
  7. Milk
  8. Nuts
  9. Celery
  10. Mustard
  11. Sesame Seeds
  12. Suplhur Dioxide
  13. Lupin
  14. Molluscs


If you have a severe allergy please contact us before purchase at [email protected] where we will be happy to assist and advise you.