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Thoughtful clothing for women who dress in protest made by expert makers who face barriers to employment.

Join Birdsong’s fight for a fairer, more ethical and inclusive fashion industry. 

They make sustainable clothing for women who dress in protest against fast fashion and its endless cycle of trends as well as the systematic abuse of garment workers. 

Birdsong refuses to work with factories who don’t pay or treat workers fairly. In fact, all the sewing, cutting and embroidery for their garments is done by local London charities and women’s groups paid a London Living Wage – from a knit and natter group in Enfield to seamstresses from a Tower Hamlets community project. 

By enlisting the services and talents of these groups, they help female artists, printmakers, seamstresses, painters and other makers who face barriers to employment find dignified and rewarding work. 

Among the Birdsong collection you’ll find everyday staples like sweatshirts, t-shirts and face masks in eye-catching colours and arty prints. Everything is made using sustainable materials like organic cotton, Tencel and scrap fabrics.

Orders from Birdsong are also thoughtfully packaged and not just because they use recycled packaging. They’re posted by Mail Out, an organisation that helps people with learning disabilities support with their wellbeing and apprenticeships in warehousing.

Meet The Founder

Sophie Slater first launched Birdsong in 2014 with a collection of feminist slogan t-shirts. Designer and fellow sustainable fashion advocate Susanna Wen came on board in 2017 and they’ve been running the brand together ever since. 

A “no sweatshops, no Photoshop” mantra inspired those first slogan tees and a desire to improve the lives of marginalised women and be authentic in their advertising is still part of their mission today. 

A team of brilliant board members including Mimma Viglezio, Aja Barber, Oliver Spark and Mursal Hedayat also help make Birdsong a game-changing fashion social enterprise. Sophie, Suze and their team believe that together, we can change the way fashion works.

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