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BOBBIE'S Brownies
BOBBIE'S Brownies

BOBBIE'S Brownies

Boxes of brownies providing meals for children in education across the globe.

Treat yourself or someone else to Bobbie’s Brownies – epic brownies that taste good and do good.  

This social enterprise is helping end child hunger, one gigantic brownie at a time. They source top quality sustainable and ethical ingredients, pour them into their delicious Bobbie’s Brownies recipe and donate money from sales to charity partner Mary’s Meals. 

Through this partnership, Bobbie’s Brownies supports the delivery of 1.6 million nutritious meals to kids in education across the globe each day. These meals are life-changing. They go to some of the world’s poorest children, encouraging them to continue attending school and gain an education – a ladder out of poverty. 

Every individual brownie equals the delivery of one to three meals to a child who needs it. Except in the case of The Slab – one enormous brownie that actually counts for six meals. 

Bobbie’s Brownies are all made in the UK, arrive in premium packaging that’s also recyclable and are delivered speedily across the country, so they arrive to you perfectly fresh. 

They’ve also teamed up with other brands to create Bobbie’s Brownies bundles, including The Chocoholic. This contains hot chocolate from fellow social enterprise Refuge, whose drinks support an anti-human trafficking charity.

Meet The Founder

In 2016, David Stretton-Downes set out to create an ethical foodie brand that did two things. Firstly, he wanted to bake the highest quality chocolate brownie on the UK market. Secondly, he wanted to tackle the staggering issue of children in education going without a nutritious meal. 

Bobbie’s Brownies brings these two missions into one, crafting sweet treats with a conscience. 

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