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Delhicious Body
Delhicious Body

Delhicious Body

Ayurvedic-inspired skincare that helps stop trafficking of young girls in India.

Scrub up with the caffeine-based skincare range from Delhicious Body. 

Designed to leave you smooth and glowing, Delhicious Body only uses natural, cruelty free ingredients and recipes based on Ayurvedic principles. (Ayurveda is one of the oldest natural healing systems in the world, FYI.)

Tea is the key ingredient in these exfoliating scrubs – black Assam tea, to be precise. With the highest caffeine content of any tea, this variety helps to stimulates collagen, perks up tired skin and reduces puffiness. 

Great skin aside, there’s another reason to love Delhicious Body. They’re using their tea-filled skincare range to help bring an end to human trafficking within the tea industry, by donating 10% of all profits to Stop the Traffick. 

Conditions and poor wages on tea plantations mean people working on them are often a target for human traffickers. Stop the Traffick improves working conditions on plantations, develops tools to identify where trafficking is happening, raises awareness of modern slavery issues and so much more.

Meet The Founder

Husband and wife team Zak and Zara are the founders of Delhicious Body, which they set up in 2018. 

Zara’s South Asian roots exposed her to all kinds of natural beauty tricks throughout life, like turmeric for acne and coconut oil for a dry scalp. And when she experienced problematic skin during her pregnancy, she turned to these natural solutions. 

After some research and experimenting with Ayurvedic recipes, Zara found relief for skin in the form of a black tea scrub. The couple decided to introduce the scrub to the world and it became the very first Delhicious Body product. 

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