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Kaneo Reusable Crackers
Kaneo Reusable Crackers

Kaneo Reusable Crackers

Reusable velvet crackers donating 10% of sales directly to The Salvation Army.

Create a new festive tradition with your loved ones by pulling Kaneo Crackers’ reusable velvet crackers every year. 

These luxurious, planet-friendly alternatives are helping bring down the number of disposable Christmas crackers chucked away every year, estimated to be an unfathomable 40 million. That’s a lot of paper hats, dad jokes and novelty toys. 

The waste-saving Kaneo Crackers are not only better for the planet but they also fit right in on any beautifully laid Christmas dinner table. Made from upholstery-quality velvet, they bring a touch of glam with playfully named patterns like Ziggy Starlust and Lord of the Wings to choose from. 

To reuse Kaneo Crackers, all you need to do is fill them with new gifts and replace the sticky snap. Pick from the brand’s own range of gifts – the kind friends and family will genuinely be chuffed to snap up, such as a Tony’s Chocolonely tasting pack, wine stoppers and a silk eye mask. Or have fun planning your own. 

Kaneo Crackers also include personalised chalk name tags. On the back of each of these is a QR code which you can scan for “chuckles” or “challenges”. These are memorable for the right reasons, unlike the same-old groan-inducing jokes from regular crackers.  

For many, Christmas is a time for giving back. It’s fitting, then, that Kaneo Crackers donates 10% from each set of crackers to The Salvation Army. The iconic charity works tirelessly to support vulnerable members of society, especially over the festive season – their busiest time of year. 

Kaneo Crackers’ donations help The Salvation Army provide things like food parcels, Christmas dinners for people experiencing homelessness and gifts for children who may otherwise not receive anything. 

Meet The Founder

Lucy Ewles and husband Johnny vowed to swap to reusable crackers after hosting a festive bash, which ended with bags of rubbish from the “fill your own” crackers they’d bought. But the reusable alternatives out there didn’t live up to their idea of the perfect cracker. 

With time on her hands during lockdown, Lucy set herself the challenge of learning to sew and crafting a reusable cracker people would love using. One that looked beautiful and had a real snap. After some finessing, Lucy and Johnny ended up with a prototype they were happy with, complete with a slick sliding mechanism and the coveted snap. 

They named the brand Kaneo Crackers as a nod to one of their favourite places. Kaneo is the tiny fishing village in Macedonia where they got hitched!

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