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Liberation Nuts
Liberation Nuts

Liberation Nuts

Buys their nuts from the cooperatives of small-scale farmers who own a 49% share of the company.

Liberation Nuts is the pioneering social enterprise that’s shaken up the snack world. 

What makes them stand out is the role the small-scale farmers who grow these nuts have in the business. They own a 49% share of the company, giving them a powerful voice in how Liberation is run and making them an active part of the supply chain. 

Liberation is “nuts about fair trade”, with the Fairtrade mark a sign that their farmers get the Fairtrade minimum price for their nuts – at least. If the market price is above the Fairtrade minimum, they pay at least the market price, so farmers always get the fairest deal possible. 

This way of working leads to economic stability for the producers, who earn a secure income that can go towards planning for the future of their families and communities. 

Producers also gain a sense of pride and solidarity with fellow farmers across the world, since the co-operatives who grow Liberation Nuts are spread far and wide – from cashew farmers in India to Brazil nut gatherers in the Amazon. 

What ends up in every pack is sustainably sourced, premium quality nuts. Delicious.

Meet The Founder

Liberation Nuts was launched by Twin, an NGO that put smallholder farmers first through fair and ethical trade. 

No longer in operation, Twin did a lot of good in its time, helping Liberation set out Fairtrade standards for nuts, bringing producers together to form the International Nut Co-operative and much more. 

Liberation Managing Director Dan Binks and his team continue the legacy of Twin, championing and supporting the producers behind their products.