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Mangata London
Mangata London

Mangata London

Sustainable swim shorts tackling plastic waste.

Get on board with Mangata London, the beach-loving brand who turn plastic bottles into durable and quick-drying swimwear. 

​Every minute of every day, the equivalent of one truckload of plastic enters the sea. That’s plastic that will never disappear but can be repurposed into something useful. Like swimwear. 

Mangata follows a six-step bottles-to-beachwear process that starts with the collection of plastic bottles by environmental services and ends as snazzy designs made from recycled polyester. This fabric uses 90% less water than regular polyester and 1kg of it can keep 60 water bottles out of landfill and our oceans. 

They keep their packaging planet-friendly too. Expect your swim shorts to turn up packed purely in recycled paper, with swing tags made from cotton offcuts and delivered in compostable mail bags. 

Mangata asks that you keep up the fight against plastic when you wash your trunks too. They recommend swapping the washing machine for a rinse or using washing bags, which catch microfibres in the machine and stop them polluting the ocean.

Meet The Founder

Tavie Fife grew up on the North Norfolk coast and always felt a close connection to the ocean. 

Knowing the great joy and sense of calm it gives people, she wanted to create a brand that both celebrated the ocean and helped protect it. And so that was the starting point for Mangata London.

Tavie is always looking for ways to improve the brand’s sustainability. One recent initiative is creating a wood on her family farm with the aim of offsetting their carbon footprint through planting different species of trees.

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