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Pala Eyewear
Pala Eyewear

Pala Eyewear

PALA Eyewear is on a mission ‘see the world better’ and put an end to poverty through stylish eyewear.

Pala Eyewear makes sustainable sunglasses that look great and give back. 

10% of the world’s population can’t access eye-care, a stat which drives Pala Eyewear’s mission. Sales of their fashionable frames fund vision aid programmes in low-income African countries.

These programmes have supported thousands of sight-impaired people. Beyond the immediate benefit of helping them see clearly, this access to eye-care creates long-lasting positive change.  

Better vision enables people to read, learn and work – ultimately leading to economic empowerment. That’s why a pair of glasses is recognised as the number one tool to fight poverty. 

Keeping impact on the planet low as well as impact on people high is important to Pala Eyewear. Materials like plant-based bio-acetate and recycled acetate go into their sunglasses, which arrive to you in recyclable packaging. 

Recycled plastic is also used to make Pala’s protective sunglasses cases. These are handcrafted by weaving communities supported by a Ghanaian-based NGO, providing employment and upholding traditional crafts in local communities.

Meet The Founder

Eager to begin a business with a social cause at its heart, John Pritchard left a career in digital strategy to launch Pala Eyewear in 2016. 

John first became aware of the global problem of access to eye-care during his travels around Africa. The issue stayed in his mind, planting the seed for eyewear that supports eye-care, which would eventually become the business model for Pala. 

Committed to doing things ethically, John knew his mission of connecting people to eye-care couldn’t come at the cost of the planet. So, he’s ensured the brand sticks to eco-friendly practices, bringing in greener ways of working as the company grows. 

Full Product Range

Lich - black
£110.00 - £130.00
Karibu - havana
£110.00 - £130.00
Baobab - black
£110.00 - £130.00