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Refuge Chocolate
Refuge Chocolate

Refuge Chocolate

Advocates of chocolate, activists of justice

Think you’ve tried the best hot chocolate in the world? Think again.

Hailing from Belfast in Northern Ireland, Refuge Hot Chocolate makes luxury fair trade hot chocolate from the finest Belgian chocolate.  What’s more, they use their profits to support Flourish NI, an anti-human trafficking organisation. 

Refuge Hot Chocolate have several products including liquid chocolate that can be enjoyed hot or cold, thick chocolate milkshake, solid hot chocolate Melts and a new hot chocolate Blend (finely ground chocolate and other magical things).

The products are fair trade and as waste-free as possible. They are free from nuts, eggs, dairy and gluten too.

Meet The Founder

Refuge Hot Chocolate was founded in 2017 by Chief Potion Maker Tara Mullan.

“Not being a tea or coffee drinker I spent many years sampling the hot chocolate drinks throughout Ireland and beyond, never quite getting one that hit the taste buds of how I thought a hot chocolate should taste,” says Tara.

On a skiing trip to Andora, she tasted something that hit the spot. “More like melted chocolate than the expensive dish water I was often served in cafes,” she adds.

It was the perfect solution she’d been looking for. A delicious and comforting drink – the possibility to make a difference to an issue she’d long pondered. In a unique move, Tara created Refuge as a way to financially support a local anti-human trafficking charity she volunteers for.

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