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Rubies in the Rubble
Rubies in the Rubble

Rubies in the Rubble

Award-winning, plant-based relishes and condiments made from surplus produce.

Bring some extra flavour to the dinner table with top-notch condiments by Rubies in the Rubble. Their ketchups, mayos and relishes are not only some of the best we’ve tasted. They also offer a delicious solution to one of the food industry’s biggest dilemmas: what to do with food waste. 

It’s a scary fact that a third of the food produced globally ends up going to waste. And it’s not just the past-its-best produce – heaps of perfectly edible fruit and veg gets thrown away too. 

Sometimes that’s due to storage issues, sometimes it’s over-forecasted demand. In other cases it’s down to ‘imperfections’ or being deemed ‘wonky,’ going to waste simply because it doesn’t look quite right, even if it might taste delicious. 

Enter sustainable food pioneers Rubies in the Rubble, who save some of this unwanted produce and make the most of it. It forms the main ingredients in their award-winning range, which offers a serious step up from your average condiments – and is vegan to boot.

Treat yourself to everything from a spicy tomato relish (great on poached eggs) to banana ketchup (perfect as a Caribbean-style marinade). 


Meet The Founder

Rubies in the Rubble was started as a side hustle by Jenny Costa. She first became concerned about food waste after reading about the problem and then seeing it with her own eyes at London markets. So, she took to personally rescuing as much would-be waste fruit and veg as she could. 

Having always been resourceful and creative with food, Jenny began experimenting with the surplus produce and old family recipes in her kitchen. And that’s where the very first Rubies in the Rubble products came about. 

Ever since the brand took off in 2012, their mission has stayed the same: to create waste-saving foodie products packed with flavour as much as purpose.


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