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Strength & Stem
Strength & Stem

Strength & Stem

Selling beautiful floral products to brighten homes and also help brighten the lives of women affected by modern slavery.
Strength & Stem is a charity that uses floristry to train and support female survivors of human trafficking on their journey to independence and freedom. Their mission is to help female survivors grow in their sense of personal wellbeing and to become better prepared to move into meaningful employment. Strength & Stem run holistic, three-month long training programmes for survivors which incorporate floristry training, additional skills training (e.g CV writing, financial literacy), mentorship and work experience. Recently, they launched their social enterprise, selling beautiful floral products to brighten homes and also help brighten the lives of more women affected by modern slavery. All profits from their sales are reinvested back into their training programmes.
Meet The Founder

Jess Visser founded Strength & Stem after finding that the combination of floristry, social enterprise and employability/skills training could be used to transform the lives of women effected by modern slavery.

Having begun her career as a head-hunter, working as a consultant with a wide range of charities and social enterprises in the UK, Jess already understood the importance of employability, skills training, appropriate career progression, and how vital sustainable employment is to livelihoods. This background also gave her unique insights into different organisational models for social change.

Jess spent nine months in South Africa volunteering with a global charity that focusses on preventing human trafficking before it takes place. During this time, she came to understand some of the complexities that often lead to exploitation and the heartbreaking reality that many victims of human trafficking are targeted precisely because they are already the most vulnerable in our society. Sadly this means that most of these victims are women and girls. This knowledge inspired Jess to start an enterprise that would not only create a safe space and community for trafficked survivors to heal from the trauma they experienced, but that would help survivors to move into sustainable, meaningful employment.

Jess has always loved flowers – their symbolism, colour and beauty – and was inspired to use floristry as not only a therapeutic tool, but also for skills training and economic empowerment. In 2018, she left her corporate career behind to re-train as a florist and establish Strength & Stem.

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