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You're So Kind
You're So Kind

You're So Kind

A sustainable, ethical hand wash that donates 100% of profits to charity

You're So Kind make natural hand wash which is carefully crafted. They never use harsh ingredients like SLS, nor parabens. So, it's healthier on hands, leaving them silky soft.

You're So Kind hand wash is never tested on animals and is kind to the environment. The glass bottle is reusable or recyclable too.

At the end of the year they donate 100% of profits to charities across the UK, including the likes of Macmillan, the World Wildlife Fund, Crisis, the British Red Cross and Mind.

Kind to your skin, kind to animals, kind to the environment and kind to others.

That's why it's called You're So Kind.

Meet The Founder

Asher started You’re So Kind as a way to combat the feeling of helplessness many feel when it comes to making a difference in the world.

He felt that hand wash could be a small, easy way for people to do something positive. Looking after yourself, and looking after others at the same time.

By calling the brand You’re So Kind, he wanted to underline the kind of positive affirmation of this small, everyday action. Every time you wash your hands, you can be reminded of the kindness in the world and the small step you’ve taken to put some good out there.