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Green Duffel Bag
Green Duffel Bag
Green Duffel Bag
Green Duffel Bag
Green Duffel Bag
Green Duffel Bag
Green Duffel Bag
Green Duffel Bag

Green Duffel Bag


We designed our Classic Duffel Bag with those people who want to hit the gym outside of work and study hours in mind. With a 25 litre capacity, this bag has plenty of space for your essentials and exercise gear or everything you need for a relaxing weekend away. Other handy features include a detachable shoulder strap, zippered external pouch, and chunky zips for easy access.


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Make A Difference: with every bag purchased, a pack-away travel bag is given to a child in the care system

Product Info

One size fits all.
Capacity: 25 litres.

600D Durable fabric

Detachable shoulder strap.
Zippered external pouch for essentials.
Iconic printed logo.
Chunky coloured zips.

Practical and affordable, our green duffel bag is designed and hand finished in Belfast, certain to get you noticed while you’re at the gym or having an overnight stay at your favourite spa hotel. With every bag you purchase, one will be given to a child in care. Buy One Give One


The cool, colourful bags by Madlug – a name inspired by the tagline “Make a difference luggage” – exist to give children in care the dignity they deserve. 

No child should have to carry their worldly belongings in a bin bag or plastic shopping bag. But sadly, this is the reality for many kids in care, an experience that leads to feelings of worthlessness. 

Madlug has given thousands of children (they plan to reach 100,000 by 2024) across the UK and Ireland a pack-away travel bag. They’ve done this thanks to a buy-one-give-one approach. When you buy a Madlug bag, another bag goes to a child in care. 

Madlug specially designed the travel bag with help from care professionals working with young people, to make sure it fits the needs of the children using it. When folded away, you can see a label saying “You are incredible”. A small reminder to each child that they have value, worth and dignity. 

When it comes to Madlug bags for you, pick from backpacks, roll-top daypacks and duffel bags. They’ve also expanded the range to include other accessories like insulated water bottles and a travel mug. Profits from these products help support kids in care too. 

Across the UK and Ireland, there are around 90,000 children in care. Most of the public aren’t aware of the problems these kids face. Madlug does an incredible job of raising awareness and making a difference with its bags. They earned a well-deserved B Corp certification in January 2022.