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Immunity Kick Vitamin D Shot - Case Of 12x60ml

Immunity Kick Vitamin D Shot - Case Of 12x60ml


Reading is thirsty work. How about a Flawsome! health shot? They're small in size but BIG in impact, made with wonky fruit transformed into a bright, spicy ginger shot without the hiccups. With undertones of fresh lemon, apple adds natural sweetness.

Contains 100% of daily Vitamin D.

Enjoy refreshing cold-pressed juices from Flawsome! Drinks, a food waste-fighting social enterprise. 

These juices are made using so-called wonky fruit – that’s fruit which doesn’t meet the high aesthetic standards needed to be sold in shops. While sadly much of this ends up in the bin, Flawsome! Drinks save what they can to turn into perfectly crafted cold-pressed juice. 

On top of that, Flawsome! Drinks offer a good deal for farmers, paying them the fair price they deserve for the produce. 

These drinks are as delectable as they are sustainable too, with flavours including apple and beetroot, apple and mango and apple and sour cherry, as well as lightly sparkling versions. 

The whole range is naturally delicious, free from added sugar or sweeteners, and comes in eco-friendly packaging – either bottles made from recycled glass or BPA-free cans.   

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