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Leaf - 5
Leaf - 5
Leaf - 5
Leaf - 5

Leaf - 5


Our very own foliage football, covered in leaves and ready to be played with amongst the trees.

Every Leaf ball is made by hand in Kenya.

The pattern is silk-screen printed onto locally sourced leather.

Every panel is stitched by hand by our highly skilled staff – who all receive a fair wage in order to support their families.

• Locally sourced upcycled leather outer shell. • Locally sourced canvas backing. • Locally sourced upcycled twisted cotton stitching thread. • Butyle bladder • Size five ball – full size ball • Size one ball – mini ball


Alive and Kicking make handstitched, professional standard leather sports balls in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana with a difference! Sales from these balls support the running of social enterprises which help keep adults in employment, help children play, and raise health awareness through sport across Africa.

Alive and Kicking run three social enterprises in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana. Local ball sales cover running costs and revenues are reinvested in ball donations and health awareness work. They have 150+ employees in full-time, fairly paid jobs. Quality of life and standard of living depend on regular pay and our staff support an average of six dependants with their wage.

They've produced over 750,000 balls so far. They are all stitched and printed by hand in Africa with over 20% have been donated to good causes. Proceeds have been used to train 500+ coaches to deliver health educative sports drills to their community teams since 2012.